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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the best supplier for Foodservice, C-Store, Vending and In-Store Bakery areas.

Our Product Lines

Burry® Foods is the Thomas'® Frozen Foodservice Supplier! Our agreement with Bimbo USA combines Thomas' strength with a great line of Burry products!

Burry products include New York Style Boiled Bagels, Crackers & Croutons. The Burry brand was established in 1936 and is a high growth, high quality, national brand 75 years later! Our products are designed with varieties & sizes to work for your operation.

Our Award Winning Service

Burry® delivers high standards of customer service. We have won the Dot Foods Quality & Service Award for 3 years!

We are committed to exceptional products & excellent service. So give us a call at 1-800-774-4406. Let us show how Burry® can be “Burry, Burry Good for You”!

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